Children’s imaginations are limitless, and serve as the foundation for creative thinking. The act of being creative offers a variety of benefits including, but not limited to: increased problem solving abilities, the ability to adapt to change, and increased confidence. Creativity is not only important for the arts, but it is also essential for business, mathematics, and the sciences. To support the development of their children’s creative thinking, parents can provide a variety of opportunities for them to let their imaginations run free.

Some key tips for fostering creativity in your children:

  • Provide a space for creative play.
    • This space may include the supplies for a variety of activities, including coloring books, storybooks, paper, pencils, art supplies, building blocks, and dress up clothes.
  • Limit screen time.
    • Offer children the opportunity to be their own source of entertainment.
  • Let your kids get a little messy.
    • Allowing children to engage in different types of imaginative play is important for their creative thinking. This “messy play” may include finger painting or building and knocking down a block tower.
  • Promote autonomy.
    • Allow your children to make some of their own decisions and pursue their own interests.
  • Encourage children to read for fun.
    • Reading will expose them to many different ideas, stories, and vocabulary.
  • Get creative with your kids!
    • Engage in these activities with your children to help motivate them.
  • Encourage your children to write.
    • They can use their imaginations to create their own stories.

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