“My 3 year old son is terrified of the dark and refuses to sleep in his bed.  We are all exhausted and have no idea what to do.”


“My 6 year old child has explosive outbursts whenever we ask her to do something. Is that normal?”


“My 9 year old doesn’t seem to have any friends. She is always refusing to do new things. What can we do?”


“My teenager won’t talk to me and is always on his phone. Every time I try to talk to him, I get silence or an argument. Help!”



Perhaps, you hear yourself in these questions. Or perhaps you have experienced another challenge that makes you wonder if there is a problem that could benefit from a professional’s support. When you become worried that a minor issue has become a major problem or you have tried to ride out a challenge and nothing seems to change, parenting work could be a helpful tool for you.  At Georgetown Psychology Associates, our clinicians work with families with a range of behavioral and emotional concerns. Parenting work aims to meet each individual families’ needs and can take place over one consultation session, in a series of parenting sessions or in conjunction with your own child’s individual treatment.  We offer a safe, non-judgmental space to hear your concerns, share your frustrations, and brainstorm how to utilize everyone’s strengths to resolve issues and develop a happier, more peaceful household. It might be time to listen to the voice wondering if there could be a different way and to reach out for the support you need to start making a positive change for your family.