It’s no secret that many of us spend much of our day on social media. We often talk about ways to reduce technology and media consumption for children and teens, but adults are just as likely to get pulled into the allure of Facebook and Instagram. Many of us want to pull back and spend less time on our phones in order to be more productive at work and present in our relationships. But, habits are hard to break. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, writer Geoffrey Fowler interviewed experts in the field in order to obtain the following tips to reduce social media use:

  1. Limit triggers: Turn off app notifications on your phone and your computer. Remove social media accounts from your work devices. Since even the presence of a silent phone can be distracting, put your phone out of sight when working or socializing.
  1. Avoid falling down the distraction rabbit hole: Rather than reading interesting articles immediately when you come across them, save them to read later.
  1. Take non-social media breaks from work: Take a walk, do other exercise, mediate, or just let your mind rest.
  1. Set family rules about media use: Establish times when social media is off limits for everyone in the family, including both parents and kids. Wireless routers can block internet access at certain times, and other website and app blockers can also temporarily block access.
  1. Alert others: When you notice friends with bad social media habits, such as using phones during mealtimes, gently draw their attention to it. And take it to heart if others comment on your own social media use.


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