Free Download: Insights into the benefits of online therapy during COVID-19

Could utilizing a proven resource bring light to the darkness of a global pandemic? Online therapy is as effective as (or more effective than) traditional therapy—discover valuable insights we gained from expanding our online therapy during COVID-19.

The global lockdown has increased the need for mental health care, specifically care that can safely reach people where they are, when they need it most.

The familiarity of living “online” throughout this crisis – from work, to school, to grocery shopping – has opened up the possibility to further establish online therapy as critical care for millions of Americans.

Could you and/or your family benefit from online therapy right now? Download our FREE guide 5 Benefits of Online Therapy During COVID-19 to find out!

You’ll gain the following insights:

  • How couples and parents can connect, even remotely
  • Online therapy and kids – “screen time” for the greater good
  • How online therapy can help teens and college students thrive
  • And more!