Jyssica Seebeck, Ph.D.

Jyssica Seebeck, Ph.D., is a pediatric neuropsychologist and licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington D.C. She has extensive experience assessing toddlers, school-age children, adolescents and young adults with ADHD, autism, learning differences, intellectual developmental disorder, spina bifida, neurofibromatosis, genetic variants, congenital conditions, sickle cell disease, mild to severe traumatic brain injury, seizures and epilepsy, brain tumors, cancer, and other medical or neurodevelopmental conditions affecting cognition. She has significant experience providing specific behavioral interventions, including The Incredible Years, PCIT, and RUBI. She is also trained in behavioral sleep medicine interventions for young children with sleep challenges.

Born and raised in Southern California, Jyssica attended Brigham Young University where she studied cognitive psychology. She obtained her master’s and doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. Jyssica completed her two-year postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center where she worked in a variety of settings, including an autism clinic, NICU neurodevelopmental follow-up clinic, cardiac neurodevelopmental follow-up clinic, sickle cell clinic, and neurofibromatosis clinic. A west coast transplant, Jyssica enjoys gardening and exploring the northeast with her spouse, three daughters, and golden retriever.