Healing happens here.

Our Integrative Trauma Treatment program was built to ensure every client will benefit from a trauma treatment that meets their developmental age, life experiences, and unique needs.

The program begins with a thorough and compassionate intake session that will allow us to pair you with a highly trained, client-centered trauma therapist. Our therapists are trained in multiple therapeutic modalities, including DBT, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and EMDR.

Our therapists strive to create a comfortable and brave space, focusing on building a supportive environment for our clients to process traumatic experiences consciously. Our focus is to create a strong relationship that is the foundation needed to begin healing from your experiences.

Please call our office or fill out the online form to inquire about availability and to speak about scheduling an appointment. Our therapists are passionate about this work and eager to hold space and facilitate healing for individuals who have experienced trauma.

Types of trauma and trauma-related symptoms we treat:


Complex trauma

Relational trauma

Grief and loss

Attachment challenges

Abuse and neglect

Sexual assault


Relationship and family difficulties


Dissociative disorders

Intergenerational Trauma

Eating disorders and body dysmorphia

Child & Teen Trauma Therapy

Our therapists are trained to see a wide age range of clients who have experienced trauma. Our therapists integrate EMDR into play therapy modalities so that young children have the space to process their experiences. Furthermore, we have therapists who specialize in teens’ unique issues and take a comprehensive approach to support teens through their experiences with trauma. 


We are conscious that trauma often occurs in the context of relationships. Therefore, we offer group therapy services for those who have experienced trauma. Here clients will have the opportunity to explore everyday challenges that they face due to their trauma in a brave and compassionate environment with their peers.

What is EMDR?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a highly effective, evidence-based psychotherapy where various protocols are used to address traumatic experiences. One of the elements of EMDR is “dual stimulation” using either bilateral eye movements, tones, or taps. EMDR can be done both in-person and virtually. The therapist utilizes procedures and protocols that best fit the client’s circumstances. Clients generally experience the emergence of insights, changes in memories, or new associations during EMDR, helping alleviate symptoms of the trauma and helping clients feel more empowered. To learn more about EMDR, please watch the video below, or visit http://www.emdria.org.

Frequently Asked Questions: