By: Jennifer Peter

According to Psychology Today, online therapy offers the following benefits for patients over traditional face-to-face treatment:

  • Scheduling is more convenient for many people who utilize online therapy
  • Clients don’t have to worry about seeing people they know in the waiting room.
  • It can be easier for some people to reveal private information when they’re sharing it online.
  • Individuals with anxiety, especially social anxiety, are more likely to reach out to an online therapist.

(Morin, 2019)

Some additional benefits include: 

  • Flexibility in scheduling (hours outside of most business hours)
  • Easier access to therapists by avoiding travel time and costs
  • The convenience of being able to talk to your therapist wherever is most comfortable for the patient 

When searching for an online therapy platform, it’s important to identify what benefits/features of a platform are most important to you and your treatment. While many platforms offer similar benefits, there are many that don’t offer the various benefits that will protect your privacy and other basic rights as a patient. For more information on online therapy, please visit our website or call 301.652.5550 to schedule your first online therapy session today!