By: Samantha Congdon, LMFT

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have all had to take drastic measures to distances ourselves from one another. For many of us this distancing can feel like isolation, which can lead to feelings of loneliness, and sadness. While you may be confined, you are not alone. Online Therapy is here for you.

Online therapy, also known as Teletherapy, involves a licensed mental health professional providing support over the internet using HIPAA-secure platforms. The primary tool for communicating with Online Therapy consists of video conferencing which can be accessed by a desktop computer, laptop or other mobile devices.

Why Online Therapy will benefit you, during the outbreak of COVID19:

An advantage of Online Therapy is it is convenient and accessible. “Since you will be attending therapy sessions online in the comfort of your own home, you can often schedule your therapy sessions for times that are the most convenient for you,” ( More people are using Online Therapy because it is accessible, since leaving the home is not an option. With juggling homeschooling, personal work and adapting to this new lifestyle, many Licensed Professionals are providing Online Therapy at times that are convenient for you. While your child is napping or doing homework, you can schedule an appointment with ease. As a result, many people have been utilizing Online Therapy, because it is convenient and easily accessible. Even though COVID-19 quarantine regulations keep us secluded, it does not mean mental health support needs to be restricted.