By: Samantha Congdon, LMFT


“Being happy never goes out of style.”

-Lilly Pulitzer

Happiness; we all know what it means. We all know how it feels, but do we take time to mindfully practice it? August 8th each year is National Happiness Happens Day. The day aims to focus on spreading happiness, being happy and making other happy. It is a day to celebrate all things happy and joyful.
National Happiness Happens Day was founded in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People. Pamela Gail Johnson is the Society Founder in August of 1998 ( Pamela shares how it has become a cultural norm to keep happiness to oneself. Her intention for the Society was to establish a group of people who were happy, and who did not want to keep their happy news to themselves or feel ashamed for feeling happy. The Day started as “Admit You’re Happy Day,” and was later changed to Happiness Happens Day to help people identify and express happiness. The holiday is based on the idea that happiness is unlimited and contagious; therefore, the more sharing means the more joy that is spreading. The societies goals for the day are to recognize and express happiness, listen to others talk about happiness and be careful to not rain on other people’s parades.
On a day where sharing one’s happiness is encouraged, how can you celebrate? If you are happy and you know it, then tell someone and if someone else is happy, listen! Happiness is contagious, and if we share happy thoughts, feelings and moments, we may be able to spread more happiness around. Start your day by noticing even the littlest things that make you happy. For instance, take a moment to notice when a waiter gets your order right, or when you pull out a matching pair of socks, etc. Being present and mindful of these little moments can increase daily happiness. Then take it a step further and share these little moments with people close to you. Happiness Happens Day encourages all people to take a look at their life in the present moments and explore what makes you happy both mentally, physically and emotionally. Remember the day isn’t about keeping your happy moments to yourself, so make sure you share and celebrate happiness with others.

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