By Anna Passyn, LPC

Do you remember that moment?  When you were taking your hands off of the handlebars tentatively, then they were off.  You adjusted your weight, the pressure on the peddles, where and how you held your hands.  And you were still on the bike!  Riding down the street almost effortlessly.  Then, afterward, celebrating with the onlookers, reliving those individual moments – what you did and how it felt as you did it.  Glorious.


Why is there such a sense of accomplishment, of mastery in that moment?  Because you synthesized a bunch of information, you adjusted as you went.  You didn’t crash into a bush.


Yes, there actually are similarities between that moment and this one; this moment, that is literally surrounded by news, updates and more news about a looming, encroaching virus that has already dramatically changed our routines and schedules, requires adjusting along the way too.


You got up yesterday morning and did something.  Showered?  Ate?  Texted a friend?  Laid in bed and listened to music?  Something happened.  Did that something help you gain your balance or make you feel more off-balance?  Was lying in bed restful?  Did the food you ate feel nourishing?  What did you do with that new information?  If lying in bed made you feel worse and not better, did you do something differently this morning.  Did you adjust?


You are constantly learning, even when you’re not trying to.  You are being given the information to do it the same way or differently next time.  Do you wish you had some routine in your days?  Can you create one?  Do you want to, need to, get some personal space now that the whole family is home together ALL of the time?  How do you find that space?  How do you create it?


Mastery may take some time, but along the way, pay attention to those things that feel rewarding, satisfying, good.  Do more of those things.  Also pay attention to those things that feel draining, taxing, bad.  Do fewer of those if you can.


Taking in new information, synthesizing, adjusting.  Right now, in this moment, you’re doing it.